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Clive Cussler's books are published in more than 40 languages in more than 100 countries with a readership of more than 125 million avid fans.

Australian readers of action adventure have fallen in love with Clive Cussler and his books are always in the bestseller lists in this country.

If Matthew Reilly or James Bond style action adventure is your thing, you're going to love Clive Cussler.

'The guy I read.' Tom Clancy


The Eye of Heaven by Clive Cussler

The Eye of Heaven
by Clive Cussler
and Russell Blake

In stores on August 27 2014

Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler

Ghost Ship: A NUMA File
by Clive Cussler
and Graham Brown

In stores on May 25 2014

Read an extract from Ghost Ship



The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler

The Bootlegger: An Isaac Bell Adventure
by Clive Cussler
and Justin Scott

Read an extract from The Bootlegger


Mirage by Clive Cussler

Mirage: An Oregon File
by Clive Cussler
and Jack Du Brul

Read an extract from Mirage



Top 5 Current Bestsellers

#1 Ghost Ship

#5 Zero Hour

#2 Mirage

#3 The Bootlegger

#4 The Striker

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